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Find answers to frequently asked questions about our web app that transforms any image into an exciting puzzle. Learn how to upload photos, solve puzzles, and share them with others. Get all the information you need to make the most of our puzzle-making web app.

What is Puzzle Cyborg?Puzzle Cyborg allows you to convert images into puzzles. You can transform up to 50 files at once, and we provide a preview of the image before and after conversion.
Image before conversion Image after conversion
When does the download link expire?The download link for your converted puzzles expires after 60 minutes. Make sure to download them within that time frame.
Do you track who convert what?No, we respect your privacy. All requests made through Puzzle Cyborg are anonymous. We do not track or record information about who converts the puzzles.
Why it is better than a browser extension? There are several advantages to using Puzzle Cyborg over a browser extension:
1. Anonymity: Your transformation remains anonymous when using our service.
2. Batch Conversion: Puzzle Cyborg supports converting a large number of files simultaneously, which most browser extensions do not.
3. Privacy: Unlike some browser extensions that may share your information with third parties, we prioritize and protect your privacy.
4. Speed: Puzzle Cyborg is faster than any browser extension, ensuring quick and efficient puzzle conversions.
5. Device Compatibility: Our web app works on all devices, including phones, tablets, and computers. All you need is a web browser.
Does it work on a mobile phone?Yes, Puzzle Cyborg is compatible with all Android phones. For iOS phones, it works on devices running iOS 12 and up.
It doesnt work for me?If you encounter any issues or have questions, simply visit our SUPPORT page. We're here to assist you and ensure you have a smooth experience.
Any others questions?If you have any additional questions or need further assistance, please reach out to us through our SUPPORT page. We're happy to help you.
Can I customize the difficulty level of the puzzle?Currently, Puzzle Cyborg focuses on converting images into puzzles and does not offer customization of the difficulty level. The puzzles will be generated based on the complexity of the original image.
What file formats are supported for conversion into puzzles?Puzzle Cyborg supports a wide range of popular image file formats, including JPEG, PNG, GIF, and BMP. You can convert any of these formats into puzzles using our web app.
How long does it take to convert an image into a puzzle? The conversion process is generally fast, but the speed may vary depending on the size and complexity of the image. In most cases, you can expect the conversion to be completed within seconds or a few minutes.
Can I save or share the converted puzzles on social media?Yes, once you have downloaded the converted puzzle, you can save it to your device and share it on social media platforms or with friends and family. The downloaded puzzle will be in a format that can be easily shared and enjoyed.
Are there any limitations on the size or resolution of the images for conversion?Puzzle Cyborg can handle a variety of image sizes and resolutions. However, very large images may take longer to convert, and extremely high-resolution images may result in larger puzzle files. It's recommended to use images of reasonable size and resolution for optimal performance.
Can I undo or revert the puzzle conversion if I'm not satisfied with the result? Unfortunately, Puzzle Cyborg does not currently offer an undo or revert feature. Once an image is converted into a puzzle, it cannot be reversed. It's recommended to preview the image before conversion and ensure it meets your expectations.