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Unlimited access to all the cyborgs

4€ / YEAR

Special Price: 67% discount!

4€ / year instead of 12€ / year

(4.3 $ / year)

Unlimited Access To All 78 appscyborg web applications: you get full, unrestricted access to all the 78 cyborg web apps. You can use each app as much as you want.
No ads: Tired of ads everywhere on the web, all cyborgs web applications are ad-free. We never used ads in our 5 years history and don't plan to.
No tracking: We do not track you. We do not put any tracking cookies in your browser. What you do on the cyborg's web applications is up to you and only you.
Privacy oriented: We do not log your activity. We do not sell or share any of your information with any third party. What happens on the cyborgs, stay on the cyborgs.
No automatic renewal: We don't renew automatically. Each year at the end of your paid period we will ask you for a new payment. You are in control.
Yearly pricing: Yearly pricing for your peace of mind. Yes you heard us right, this payment allows you to access all the cyborg's web applications for a full year.
No malware, no virus: By using our web applications you are 100% sure that no virus or no malware can get to your device. We scan all data for virus and malware before sending anything to you.
Access to new cyborg: You get automatic access to new cyborg as they get released for the full year you paid. We release on average 4 new cyborg's web applications every year.

Common questions

Do you offer any other discounts?

No. Our discouted price is the final price we offer,we do not offer any other discount on top. We do not offer discount for teacher,students and non-profits.

Do you offer refund?

No. We don't offer refund due to our very low price.

What is the maximum number of devices on which I can use appscyborg.com?

You can utilize appscyborg.com on up to two devices, with the flexibility of opening an unlimited number of tabs and running an unlimited number of web cyborg instances within each tab.

What if I have more questions?

Feel free to contact us via our support page