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Find answers to frequently asked questions about the Image Insertion Cyborg web app. Learn more about automating image insertion in Excel, the benefits of using our tool, and how to streamline your workflow.

What is Image Excel Cyborg?Image Excel Cyborg is a web service that automates the process of inserting images into an Excel file. By uploading your images, our tool automatically creates an Excel file that contains all of your uploaded images. This saves you valuable time and effort compared to manually inserting images into an Excel file.
When does the download link expire?The download link for your generated Excel file with inserted images will remain active for 60 minutes. We recommend downloading your file within this time frame to ensure easy access.
Do you track who convert what?No, all conversion requests made through Image Excel Cyborg are completely anonymous. We prioritize and value your privacy, and we do not track or store any information regarding the files you convert. Privacy is a key aspect of our web application.
Why it is better than a browser extension? There are several advantages to using Image Excel Cyborg over a browser extension:
1. Anonymity: When you transform a file using our service, your identity remains anonymous, ensuring your privacy.
2. Batch Conversion: Our service supports converting a large number of files simultaneously, which is not typically supported by browser extensions.
3. No Third-Party Sharing: Unlike some browser extensions, we do not share your information with any third parties.
4. Faster Performance: Image Excel Cyborg offers faster processing speeds compared to browser extensions, enabling quick and efficient insertion of images into Excel files.
5. Device Compatibility: Our service works seamlessly on all devices, including phones, tablets, and computers. You only need a web browser to access it.
Does it work on a mobile phone?Yes, Image Excel Cyborg is compatible with all Android phones. For iOS phones, it works on devices running iOS 12 and above. You can conveniently insert images into an Excel file using your mobile device.
It doesnt work for me?If you encounter any issues or require assistance with the Image Excel Cyborg service, simply visit our SUPPORT page. Our dedicated support team will be glad to help you resolve any problems you may be experiencing.
Are there any limitations on file size or the number of files I can convert?There are no specific limitations on file size or the number of files you can convert. However, larger files may take longer to process, and converting a large number of files simultaneously may require additional time. It is recommended to consider the size and quantity of files you wish to process for optimal performance.
Can I customize the layout or arrangement of the images in the Excel file?Currently, Image Excel Cyborg automatically inserts the uploaded images into the Excel file in a predefined layout. Customization options for the layout or arrangement of images are not available in the current version of the service.
Is there a limit to the resolution or dimensions of the input images?Image Excel Cyborg can process images of various resolutions and dimensions. However, extremely high-resolution images may result in larger Excel files and may take longer to process. It is recommended to optimize your images for web or screen use to ensure optimal performance.
Can I download the Excel file in different formats?Image Excel Cyborg generates the Excel file in the standard XLSX format, which is compatible with most versions of Microsoft Excel. You can download and use the file with Excel software or other applications that support this format.
Can I add additional data or information to the Excel file after the images are inserted?Yes, once you have downloaded the Excel file with inserted images, you can add additional data, formulas, or other information to the file as needed. The images will remain in their designated cells, and you can modify the file according to your requirements.
Is it possible to extract the images from the Excel file back into individual image files?Image Excel Cyborg focuses on inserting images into an Excel.